What is coliving?

Everything you need to know about the most revolutionary housing model.

Living in a coliving means flexible rental contracts adapted to the tenant’s needs, as well as cleaning services, fully furnished private and common areas, access to events organised for the community and all utilities, such as high-speed wifi, water and electricity, included in the final price.


Coliving as a concept was born in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, from the hand of young entrepreneurs and the need to find affordable and well-located flats to develop their business projects. It was at that time that what was to be the first shared building appeared. The tenants, by then, were no longer looking for simple accommodation in which to stay but were prioritising spaces where they could continue to build relationships and create community with other colivers from all over the world.

Why is coliving so popular?

According to thelEmancipation Observatoryonly 18.7% of young people between 18 and 30 live alone, the lowest figure since 2002, while 81% still live at home with their parents. Changes in the way young people consume, the democratisation of new technologies and phenomena such as globalisation force us to rethink the way we live in cities.
The new generations expect, in essence, convenience, flexibility and community.

What are the benefits of coliving?

Thebenefits of coliving innumerable, but among the most compelling are affordability, convenience and community. Sharing a home with other people is much cheaper than renting a studio or one-bedroom flat,especially when you factor in all the additional expenses, such as furniture and supplies. Hiring all those services (utilities, wifi, cleaning) and dealing with the purchase of furniture is also time-consuming and stressful; coliving saves tenants time and headaches by taking care of everything.

For anyone moving to a new city or anyone interested in expanding their community in the city, coliving offers the opportunity to meet new people outside of the workplace. The turnkey experience offered by Aticco Living also avoids many of the headaches associated with moving, landlord contracts, finding roommates and furnishing an entire flat.

A tailor-made solution

At Aticco Living we offer a safe, flexible and convenient option for community living in the centre of major cities. By eliminating the frictions of traditional renting we ensure that our community members can enjoy a simply fantastic experience. Aticco Living members live in a space where the values of design, convenience and comfort go hand in hand. We make sure that our colivers are in charge of enjoying themselves, while Aticco Living takes care of everything else.

The power of sharing

At Aticco Living our main objective is that you not only enjoy your home but also who you share it with. We take care to match you with compatible people and involve our team so that your experiences in our homes last forever. We believe in the concept of community and sharing. That’s why right from the moment you join Aticco Living, tenants have access to a large community to continue interacting with, as well as exclusive activities and events created just for them.

Join the AticcoLiving community!

Aticco Living offers private rooms in shared houses and the best roommates to share them with. Unlike other shared housing and coliving options, Aticco Living helps you find roommates who share your living preferences and interests.