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Aticco Living

Aticco Living is the best solution to manage, place value on and market your apartments or buildings, getting higher profit and diversify your portfolio with a residential solution designed for today’s young professionals.

Why is coliving the best option for your properties?

Coliving is so much more than a place to live, it’s a place where you can enjoy and share memorable experiences alongside people who want to be part of a lifestyle that is more efficient and convenient. For tenants it’s all facilities, they have all-inclusive apartments and access to events organized by Aticco.

What is the coliver profile at Aticco?

The coliver profile is a young entrepreneur between 25 and 35 years old upper middle class, that is looking for a sustainable housing solution.

How much time does a coliver usually stay?

Our colivers usually stay for long periods of time, an average of 8 to 11 months. We have an average occupation of 98%.

Will they take care of my property?

At Aticco Living we take properties very seriously, we do weekly cleanings, regular maintenance reviews and we have our own architecture team.

What kind of coliving agreement models do we have available for you?


For some assorted properties we can be your long term tenants. This means that we guarantee your rent, regardless of the occupation, for the time we agree. Besides, we take care of adapting, furnishing, conditioning and maintaining your property to turn it into the best choice for our tenants. 

Our Master Lease Agreement includes:


With the Management Agreement we partner with you to get the best returns offering an alternative to the traditional residential lease model. With this collaboration model we get you can enjoy the returns of the coliving model while Aticco Living takes care of everything else. 

Our Management Agreement includes: 

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