Where are the Aticco Living homes located?

Our colivings are currently located in Barcelona, although we are developing new colivings in Madrid and other cities. Our colivings are located in urban areas, very well connected by public transport We have colivings in the neighborhoods of Gracia, Sagrada Familia and Example Derecho.

Can couples live in Aticco Living?

Only in our Flexliving flats or in our Coliving Hometel, where the coliver enjoys the use of the entire flat or studio. In the shared flats, the rooms are for individual use because, in our experience, this is how the community develops best.

What is the minimum and maximum stay at Aticco Living?

Normally our minimum stay is more than three months, although we can make exceptions, please ask us. Our maximum stay is one year per contract, although we can renew it as many times as you wish.

Can I extend or cancel my stay at Aticco Living?

Yes, you can extend your stay over the planned date if you give us enough notice and we have availability. You can cancel your stay if you have completed the minimum period of stay and give us more than one month’s notice.

What contingency measures against COVID19 are in place at Aticco Living?

At Aticco we have a COVID19 committee to constantly monitor the situation. We maintain a very fluid dialogue with our community and colivers and have constant feedback if one of our colivers has been affected. We provide support and recommendations based on our Aticco COVID19 protocols.


We apply the measures recommended by the authorities and strictly comply with GDPR regulations on data as sensitive as medical data.


What matters most to us is the health of our colivers. If we have availability, no close contact and a negative PCR, we try to move a fellow coliver of an affected coliver to another location to avoid possible contagion.

What is included in Aticco Living?

When we give you the price of our apartments we will give you the price of the room and a fixed cost for electricity, gas, water, high speed internet and cleaning of common areas. All costs, such as agency fees, community fees, rubbish fees, taxes are included in the price. Our apartments are always furnished and equipped with all electrical appliances.


Of course you have access to kitchen, dining room, living room because it is your home. In some of our buildings you can enjoy other common areas of the building such as terraces, barbecue, osmosis water, playground, gym or swimming pool.


In addition, being part of the Aticco community has a lot of advantages such as weekly events (Afterworks on our roof terraces), conferences of Aticco Lab, our startup accelerator, etc. You can participate in a multitude of activities such as the running club, beach volleyball or paddle sup. In addition, as a member of the community you have significant discounts on services such as health insurance and others.

Who is Aticco Living for?

Aticco Living is for people who want to live in community, share and enrich themselves. We like colivers to share our values. These values define the way we live and share our experiences with those around us. The aim of living together is to enrich each other as human beings. Normally our colivers are between 23 and 40 years old, but any other age is not an impediment if you want to live in community.

What are the values of the Aticco Living community?

The values of the Aticco Living community are: respect, positive impact, curiosity, local essence and global community. These values define the way we live and share our experiences with those around us. The aim of living together is to enrich each other as human beings.

If there are empty rooms in the flat, do I have to pay more?

No, you will pay the same price as agreed regardless of which rooms are occupied.

Can I receive visitors?

Yes, you can bring visitors and guests. Colivers are responsible for the people they give access to Aticco Living properties Guests are allowed access as long as they do not stay in the property for more than two consecutive days. In the case of bringing guests, it is necessary to notify the other members of the flat community in advance.

Do you accept pets?

We love animals, but for the moment we do not accept pets, but we will probably soon do so in some buildings.

Is smoking allowed?

Smoking is forbidden in common areas out of respect for other colivers, but you can smoke in the open areas and terraces. Smoking is allowed in your own room.

Can I book a room in advance?

We have a high demand for our colivings It is possible to book in advance as long as there is availability for that date and we are not forced to have an empty room. Ask us and we will see what we can do.

Can I change my location if I need to?

If we have availability, we normally accept a change of location.

If I am in Aticco Living, can I sign up for Aticco Worspaces or Lab community activities?

Of course. This is one of our biggest advantages. You can sign up for all Aticco activities via our digital platform Aticco Hub There are plenty of activities that might interest you.