4 key reasons to choose a coliving space in Barcelona

Barcelona has been ranked #8 on the World’s Best Cities ranking this year for its “near-perfect weather year-round, more than three miles of golden sandy beaches within city limits, iconic parks, striking architecture and diverse, era-spanning neighborhoods”. So, no doubt it is also a very popular city to live in, which also makes it a place where searching for an apartment is no easy task at all. 

Here is where coliving comes in to offer a housing alternative that makes living in a world’s top city easier. There is a long list of benefits of living in a coliving space, but here we’ve gathered four that could be crucial while looking for a place to live in Barcelona.

Best locations in the city

One of the most surprising things about Barcelona is how you can find perfect spots for literally everyone. It is a city that offers an extremely wide variety of restaurants, activities, bars, landmarks, etc. And while navigating through its neighborhoods you can discover all sorts of local spots that distinguish every one of them, and you will find there is something for every taste. 

So whether you decide you are more of an Eixmple type, a Gràcia vibe, or that you make a match with any other of the main neighborhoods in the city, you could make it your home, because you can be certain there is a coliving space from Aticco Living around

And don’t worry if you can’t pick up only one neighborhood, because all of these locations are perfectly connected by public transport and Bicing so you can move around the city in a flash. 

The flexibility you need

Sure, picking up a place to live is an important decision, but it doesn’t have to be the getting engaged or having a kid type of commitment, and it shouldn’t cost like it is either. And we know that finding an apartment in Barcelona is kind of a mission impossible task, but without the cool challenges and with a lot of paperwork. 

So if you’re looking for a flexible contract because you don’t know exactly how long you are staying in Barcelona, and specifically if you need to move soon and you don’t have the time for long-term paperwork procedures, coliving is just what you need.

All-inclusive rental

Living on your own in the city sounds like a great plan, until you figure out you need to manage a ridiculous amount of bills every month. And on top of that, you also need to coordinate all of it with your roomies.  

In contrast, you can get a coliving space where all expenses are included in your monthly rent, from electricity and water, to wifi and cleaning services, without you having to do any management. Besides, all Aticco Living apartments are also fully renewed and equipped with all furniture and household appliances you need on a daily basis.

Aticco’s community

The concept of coliving comes from the idea of living in community, so obviously being part of a community is one of the biggest upsides of choosing it as your housing model.

Well, with Aticco Living we take it up a notch, because as you enter one of our coliving spaces, you also become part of the whole Aticco’s community. Which means you get access to weekly professional training and networking events, wellness activities, fun workshops, afterworks, among so many other activities. The thing is, finding like-minded people to do business or build a friendship with around you will be secured. 

So, if you ended up here because you are looking for a place to live and meet great people in Barcelona, say no more, and contact us!

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