Have you ever wondered who your housemates would be in a coliving? The first colivers were the young professionals who went to work in Silicon Valley and who opted for this community housing model. From that moment and until now, the coliving model has spread to many other cities and audiences. So, at the present time it is logical to ask: Who are the colivers? Is there a profile of the coliver? And if the answer is yes, how is it?

In one sentence, and very briefly, we could say that nowadays the colivers are: young professionals with an international profile, who are either dedicated to the technological world or who respond to the category of digital nomads, and who are looking for – above all – flexibility and community.


Young professionals

The main users of coliving are millennials or generation Z members: adults who are between the ages of 22 and 38 today. Young people are moving towards a flexible lifestyle and they demand that housing is more adapted to them. In fact, 86% of Millennials are expected to move to a new city at least 2 times in the next 10 years.

Coliving offers these generations the flexibility they need and also surrounds them with a community that can help them meet new people and, ultimately, quickly integrate into a new city.


International profiles

Colivers are great travelers and they love discovering new cultures. The model of coliving allows them to get to know the local community in a comfortable way and provides them with easy access to the new country in which they are going to reside for a period of time that generally ranges from a couple of months to a year.

At Aticco Living we have a community of colivers of up to 26 different nationalities! Can you imagine a better environment to learn other languages or other traditions?

Tech talents and digital nomads

Each day, there are more and more digital nomads, remote workers, freelancers or startups’ employees that opt for coliving. These professionals are looking for an easy way to live in the most attractive locations on the map, without having to sign long-term contracts or making any investment in furniture or home appliances.

Barcelona, where Aticco Living offers around 500 places, is in the top 4 of the most attractive European destinations for digital professionals, only behind Berlin, Amsterdam and London, according to a recent study by the consulting firm Boston Consulting Group (BCG ). According to a research conducted by The Telegraph, it is also ‘the greatest city on earth’. And this fact explains why in 2021, Aticco Living registered 100% occupancy.


Looking for community

Community life also responds to one of the problems of the 21st century, which is the feeling of loneliness. 66% of the population under 35 admits that they often feel lonely.

In this sense, colivers are curious people who are willing to live with other people of their same age group with whom they can share experiences and interact.

To strengthen this feeling of belonging, at Aticco Living, our colivers enjoy weekly community events such as meals on the terrace, theme parties, talks, workshops and sports sessions, amongst other activities.

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