Berlín, 74 A

Barrio de Eixample

Berlín, 74 A

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Live the magic of the center of Barcelona

Located just north of the old town, it connects with the Gothic area and the Gràcia area, generating a feeling of a metropolitan center. It was designed to be a modern neighborhood of Barcelona, ​​and many beautiful Art Nouveau and Gaudí facades can be found today.

It is full of good shops, big brands, exclusive bars and good restaurants. Connected by numerous bus and metro lines that cross the area, it is ideal for riding a bike lane and getting around the city center with ease.

Berlin 74 A (6a2a)

Apartment features

Design Aticco Living
Recently renovated
Living area
Dining room


Large fridge
Nespresso coffee machine

Included services

Rental agreement
Maintenance service
Weekly cleaning of common areas
Beds made up on arrival
Aticco Community Standards
24h emergency service
Access to Aticco HUB
Aticco weekly events
Access to Aticco Coworking
Access to Conferences
Weekly sports activities
Aticco community parties
Networking with the community

Apartment facilities

High-speed Wifi
Air conditioning
Smart TV
Washing machine
Clothes iron
Hair dryer


Where will you be located?


  • Apartment with elevator in a very quiet area.
  • With a perfect location in the center of Barcelona.
  • 5 minutes from the Entença metro (L5) and Estació de Sants (L5/L3).
Double bed
Private balcony
Work desk
Ceiling fan
Single bed
Ceiling fan
Quiet room
Single bed
Ceiling fan
Quiet room
Double bed
Single bed
Work desk
Ceiling fan
Quiet room
Reserve your coliving room now
Berlin 74 A (6a2a)

Berlín, 74 A

Berlin 74 B (2a3a)

Berlin 74 B

Bertrellans 9 – Apartment02

Bertrellans 9 - Apartment02

Bertrellans 9 – Apartment03

Bertrellans 9 - Apartment03

Calabria 257 (7e2a)

Calabria 257

Carles III 59

Carles III, 59

Casanova 103

Casanova 103

Espiell 17

Espiell 17

Mallorca 172  (Principal 2ª)

Mallorca 172

Mallorca 75 (31 Esc B)

Mallorca 75


Ronda del General Mitre 145

Muntaner 175 A (3o1a)

Muntaner 175 A

Muntaner 175 B (6o1a)

Muntaner 175 B

Paseo Sant Joan 126 3r3a

Paseo Sant Joan 126

Pes de la Palla 3 A (Principal)

Pes de la Palla 3 A

Pes de la Palla 3 B (5-2)

Pes de la Palla 3 B

Provenza 318

Provenza 318

Ronda Sant Pere 50 – 1a

Ronda Sant Pere 50

Salvadors 12

Salvadors 12

Santa Rosa 10 A (1r 1A)

Santa Rosa, 10 A

Santa Rosa 10 C

Santa Rosa, 10 C

Santa Rosa 10 D (2n 2A)

Santa Rosa, 10 D

Santa Rosa 10 E (3n 1A)

Santa Rosa, 10 E

Santa Rosa 10 F (3r 2a)

Santa Rosa, 10 F

Santalo 15 (2n2a)

Santalo 15

Sepúlveda 164 A

Sepúlveda 164

Trafalgar 52

Trafalgar 52

Travessera de Gracia 118

Travessera de Gracia, 118

Travessera de Gracia 415

Travessera de Gracia, 415

Valencia 300 A (2-1)

Valencia 300 A

Valencia 300 B (Entre)

Valencia 300 B

Valencia 300 C (1-1)

Valencia 300 C

Valencia 300 D (5º3a)

Valencia 300 D

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